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7 Red Flags Exposed

What it is: 7 Red Flags Exposed are well researched blog posts on all that is online opportunities. This includes training platforms, services, and software. I expose at least 7 reasons why you should think twice b4 you go all in.

Content hubs: No random blog posts here. Content will be placed in specific hubs cutting right thru the fat.  Only see the essential context you came here for

Constant additions: With new opportunities, programs, and systems coming out daily. We will never run out of red flags to expose!

Whats the 411?

What it is: In Whats the 411 are well researched blog posts on internet marketing peoples of interest, online gurus, and 

Help make the right decisions: There’s no shortage of coaches, strategies out there. We help you figure out which ones might or might not be best for your specific needs.

No B.S.:  What gets written will have no ulterior motives. Will be honest, transparent, and no fluff.

Life Version 2.0

Personal Development: Areas to improve your awareness, develop your talents, and access your potential.

Online Business: Lessons, strategies, and tips on how to start, grow and monetize a laptop business.

Money: Content on improving your mindset about money.  Strategies on debt, making money, saving and investing.

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pop-ups are as exciting as well...
touching a cactus.

But I stumbled on to a simple 4-step process that changed my life. Wanna see how I did it?


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