Understandably, the digital world is filled with both genuine and fraudulent platforms. Some brands merely lure people into joining their website without offering any values. Contrarily, several groups are more than willing to provide a reliable and legitimate source of passive income for people. Notable among such brands are paid survey sites.

Over time, legitimate survey panels have been a beneficial platform for sellers and buyers. While the business gets to know people’s opinions about their product and services, survey participants are rewarded through the paid survey platforms. Eventually, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

It is understandable if you still don’t know which to join yet with many available survey panels. However, among the reliable and recommendable survey sites is Branded Surveys. Considering that choice is subjective, let’s shed light on the platform. In the end, you can decide whether it’s an ideal money-making site for you or not. Before we get into it. I am not affiliate or a sponsor of Branded Surveys. This is a non-bias review.

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What is Branded Surveys?

In 2012, MintVine was founded to provide online survey services to companies. However, the brand was renamed as Branded Surveys in 2017. Since its inception, several Fortune 500 companies have collaborated with the brand to enjoy its genuine online survey services.

Branded Surveys aim at providing a win-win situation for both producers and end-consumers. It’s a platform in which organizations get honest reviews and feedback about their products and services. And at the same time, the members get to earn considerably by spending time taking surveys. Over time, the platform continues to improve the system by refining its survey-taking processes and creating more opportunities to earn points. These points are redeemed as cash or gift cards.

Globally, Branded Surveys remain as one of the leading market research communities. Hence, it’s a reliable brand with worldwide recognition. Many organizations believe in reports from the platform and use the data for their business decisions. Thus, with Branded Surveys, buyers have a good chance of voicing their opinions by taking part in surveys – another benefit aside from earning funds.

To earn money from Branded Surveys and voice your opinion, simply engage in a few simple questions. It’s unnecessary to worry about getting the questions right or not – just be honest. And you’ll be given a survey that matches your profile. Hence, it’s always easy and fun. Speaking of fun, you get to engage in daily challenges and polls. By so doing, you’ll be entitled to various reward options.

How Branded Surveys Works?

Using Branded Surveys to earn money is quite simple. Excitingly, new members do not pay any charges to join. All you need is an email address and correct personal details. After submitting your email and inform, you need to confirm your details by clicking on a link sent to your email address. Alternatively, you may choose to sign up through your Facebook account – the brand respects privacy and confidentiality; thus, your details will not be shared with unauthorized parties. Also, you need to provide answers to some simple questions. These data will help determine a suitable survey that you can partake in.

After a successful sign-up, the earning process is also straightforward. On Branded Surveys, the currency is points. As you partake in more surveys, you’ll get more points in your account. Even before engaging in any survey, you’ll be awarded 100 points for signing up – 10% of the total points required to earn 10USD. Ideally, a 30-minute survey should fetch you around 400 points on Branded Surveys. When you complete two to three surveys successfully, you’ll be getting 1000+ points. After accumulating 1000 points, you can cash out through PayPal. Alternatively, you can redeem the points for gift cards, including iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

In a situation where you don’t qualify for a survey, you’ll be given some points. Besides answering a questionnaire, you can earn points from other sources, such as referrals and daily polls.

Is Branded Surveys for You? 

If you seek a source of passive income online, Branded Surveys is for you. Honestly, you can’t make a fortune on a paid survey at a go. To make a 10USD, you’ll need to earn at least 1000 points, which would require filling about three or more surveys. If you intend to make a thousand dollars in a week or a few days, Branded Surveys is probably not your go-to-get option.

However, the platform can help generate a few extra bucks to cover some charges. Also, Branded Surveys provides a good means to earn gift cards. With the cards, you can purchase basic stuff that you have always wanted on different eCommerce sites. Thus, for those who would like to spend their free time making money online, you should consider signing up with Branded Surveys.

Additionally, location determines whether Branded Surveys will work for you. If you live in Canada, the United Kingdom, or the US, you can register on the platform. Individuals outside the three regions stated may not be allowed to sign up. Also, age is a crucial factor. You need to be at least 13 years old before your membership can be approved. Be informed that providing a false detail can lead to qualification from the onset.

In summary, as long as you have free time, meet the age and location requirements, Branded Surveys is for you.

How Does Branded Surveys Pay?

As stated earlier, the number of points accrued on Branded Surveys determine your payout. Before you can earn on the platform, you need to qualify for surveys. Once you are qualified, you’ll need to complete a series of questionnaires. After answering the questions, then you’ll be rewarded with points.

On Branded Surveys, there are three badges for each member. Considering that you’ll receive 100 points upon registration, every new member attains the bronze badge automatically. The second level is the silver badge, which requires 60 credits (600 points). If you earn ten survey points, you’ll receive one credit. Upon achieving 210 credits (2100 points), you’ll earn a gold badge. At this point, you will be paid 20USD with your points. Or, you can choose to redeem the points as gift cards. As you continue to earn more points, you’ll have more funds to cash out. All you need is to answer as many questions as possible in various surveys.

Ways to Make Money with Branded Surveys

Below are five ways that you can make money on Branded Surveys:

i.                    Online surveys:

 This is the primary source of making money on Branded Surveys. On average, you can earn between 10 to 300 points on each survey. The survey can last for 10 to 30 minutes.

ii.                  Survey streak: 

Once you achieve the silver or gold badge, you can earn additional points. All you need is to complete a predetermined number of surveys in seven days. Here is the breakdown:

· Silver member: Ten surveys in seven days generates 100 points, while thirty surveys lead to 150 points.

· Gold member: Ten surveys in seven days generate 200 points, while thirty surveys lead to 300 points.

Also, under survey streak, you will find local deals in your dashboard. These are from businesses within your area. When you participate in the survey, you get to earn more.

iii.                Daily poll:

 Here is another way to make money on Branded Surveys. While this method doesn’t pay significantly, it is a fast and straightforward option to earn points. As a bronze holder, you earn five points from a daily poll. If you belong to the silver or gold category, you earn seven and ten points, respectively.

Also, under a daily poll, bronze members earn 25 points when they complete one poll per day in ten consecutive days. As for silver and gold badge holders, they earn 50 and 100 points, respectively.

iv. Referral: 

When new members join the platform through you, you’ll receive 50 points as a silver member, or 100 points as a gold member. Refer-a-friend program is not available to bronze members.

v. Third-party offers: 

You can earn free points by signing up for free trials. However, ensure that you terminate the trials before the due date of the monthly payment.

Is Branded Surveys Legit?

Based on reviews, feedback, and interactions with the platform, Branded Survey is a good and reliable money-making platform. This doesn’t include the long-standing reputation of the site. The platform works with several Fortune 500 companies, offering real products and services to the people. If the branded survey’s legitimacy is questionable, none of such high standard companies would have collaborated with the platform.

It is understandable if you are concerned about reliability considering the vast number of fraudulent sites on the internet. However, an encounter with the experts and the site shows that the platform is committed to improving the member’s financial state. Bear in mind that after registration, you can experience some questionable situations. For instance, it’s possible to fail qualifications for some surveys – don’t be alarmed; it does happen in other paid survey sites and other members. When this happens, the platform believes that you may not have the required knowledge to answer questions about specific products or services. It is also possible to experience a case of account suspension – again, it happens, and you’ll recover your account with time.

Lastly, another circumstance that can force you into questioning the site’s legitimacy is a failure to approve your points. This possibility has already been explained in the site’s terms of services. It reads, “In addition, User understands that payments come from revenue generated by the Third Parties. Therefore, User acknowledges and agrees that if, for any reason, an advertiser does not pay Branded, Branded reserves the right to withhold the Users’ share of said revenue”. If your point is not approved, it doesn’t necessarily translate into the branded survey being a scam. However, such a case is less frequent on the platform.

Branded Surveys’ Reviews and Complaints

One of the reasons why Branded Surveys is popular is due to countless positive reviews from members. If you check various websites and blogs, there are many interesting reports about the site. Notable among a reliable platform to get accurate information is Trust Pilot. On this platform, you’ll find positive feedback from Branded Surveys’ users as well. Some of the positive reviews emphasize the following points:

• Excellent customer support service

• Interesting surveys

• Multiple means to earn points

• Points accrue within a short period.

However, like other brands, some complaints are found about the platform. They include:

• Non-approval of points

• Disqualification for surveys

• Long payment duration (15 days, according to the platform’s terms of service)

• Low payout (a common complaint among all paid survey platforms).

Branded Surveys Pros and Cons

Survey participants get to enjoy many benefits on Branded Surveys. Nevertheless, the platform bears some drawbacks worth knowing. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of participating in a paid survey on the platform:


i. Compared to other survey sites, members earn more – at least, $4 is made in a 30-minute survey.

ii. Members get to redeem their points through different channels. You can choose to cash out through PayPal or Branded pay. Also, points are redeemable as gift cards.

iii. Earnings increase with time – as you gain a new badge, you get to earn even more.

iv. For every disqualification, members get to earn a few points.

v. An innovative and modern website that supports filling questionnaires easily, which isn’t always the case.


i. Survey qualification is increasingly hard.

ii. The value of the survey decreases with time.

iii. Getting funds into a PayPal account takes a relatively long time.


From the review, earning a passive income from a paid survey site seems to be straightforward. While Branded Surveys may not pay you significantly initially, you can accrue a considerable amount of money in the long run. Advisably, time and patience are crucial towards earning from a paid survey platform like Branded Surveys.

Branded surveys seem to be highly rewarding when compared to other paid survey sites. Also, some of the complaints about the site are quite typical of survey panels. I suggest focusing on the pros while you already know some lapses you may encounter. Understanding these qualities beforehand will help scale through the challenges. Finally, as long as you meet requirements, Branded Surveys is worth giving a shot – an easy way to earn some hundred bucks in a year without stress.


·         How much is 1000 points Branded Surveys?

Considering that 100 points on Branded Surveys worth 1USD, 1000 points will fetch you 10USD. All you need is to participate in three to four 30-minute surveys, and you’ll earn your 1000 points.

·         How do I cash out on Branded Surveys?

After reaching 1000+ points, you can convert the points to dollars or as gift cards. At this stage, the “Redeem points” button under your points will become active. Simply click on it from your dashboard or earnings.

·         How do I redeem my Branded Surveys points?

There are two ways to redeem your Branded Surveys points. Firstly, you can redeem for cash through PayPal or Branded Pay. Secondly, the points are redeemable as gift cards, including Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, iTunes.

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