Click Clone Cash | 7 Red Flags Exposed

Click Clone Cash is this another internet scam revealed.

Scams. One thing we collectively try to avoid.

Fraudsters are everywhere and the internet is the perfect place for them to perform their cunning acts.

Among these acts of lies is a website surrounded by speculations. Click clone cash, is it yet another internet scam?

In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at click clone cash. Depending on the results we find, we’re going to decide whether or not this site is a candid scheme. But first, let’s zoom in to some of the website’s features.

General Features of Click Clone Cash

Click clone cash is a website that grew a reputation for its ability to pay people hundreds of dollars daily with just a click of a few buttons.

With barely any information registered on the site and no clue about who the owner is, people were quick to explore the website and point out its features and inconsistencies.

 Click clone cash’s features include:

Free Registration

The click clone cash site enables free registration to those who are interested in earning quick money.

Despite the enrollment process being completely free of charge, there are services within the site that require specific amounts of money in order to join them. This will be discussed in more detail later on.

Cloud Hosting System

The moment you join in the click clone cash website, you’ll be asked to join another network to start gaining money.

The additional network is a cloud hosting system.

Cloud hosting is a group of different servers that simultaneously work in order to reduce uptime and increase the number of resources they can find. In simpler terms, using a cloud hosting system will help in finding a number of online businesses, thus, more money rolling in.

Although these two features may convince you to enroll in the click clone cash site, there are several drawbacks that would persuade you otherwise.

Click Clone Cash Features and Red Flags You Shouldn’t Miss

This is where the true colors of the entire scheme are revealed.

Though the idea of having a wallet stacked with quick cash sounds tempting, the entirety of the click clone cash site is a scam. Here are ten red flags that prove their trickery:

Red Flag #1. Overly Enthusiastic Reviews

You’d expect to find several negative reviews on the click clone cash website, in reality, it’s the other way around.

The totality of the reviews regarding their services are positive. Overly positive to the point of suspicion. The underlying truth is that these reviews are fake, stated by paid actors to attract and convince people to hop on the money-making bandwagon.

Red Flag #2. Misleading Promises for Attaining Wealth

Who wouldn’t want to earn some easy cash without any efforts? No one!

The way that click clone cash lures you into joining their website is quite impressive. With the promise of earning over a thousand dollars daily, you wouldn’t hesitate to join their website.

Unfortunately, this is where people fall into the depths of their scam. Obtaining fast wealth isn’t possible without hard work. Let me reframe that. Its possible… just highly unlikely.

Think about it. If it were that simple, people wouldn’t get into debt or struggle with money anymore. All they have to do is click a bunch of buttons and that’s it, they’re suddenly millionaires.

Red Flag #3. Mysterious Owner

When it comes to the owner of the click clone cash scheme, there isn’t much known about him.

He goes by numerous names, Tim Atkinson is one. With each new scam he has in mind, he comes up with entirely new names for his character. Many seem to speculate that Josh Owens is his actual name, but it isn’t confirmed since he hides behind imaginary identities.

On top of that, there’s no definite way you can contact Josh with. He doesn’t put his contact information on any of his websites, no emails, nothing.

Red Flag #4. Vague Instructions

Josh hasn’t made it quite clear how we can use the click clone cash system to gain money.

In one of the videos he makes, he stated that the system is available on a flash drive. All you have to do is connect the flash drive to a device, install the system, and that’s it.

He mentioned that once the installation process is completed, the system will begin roaming for successful online businesses and clone them. Such a vague explanation leaves many questions unanswered.

How can someone earn money by just installing a system on a computer device? How does the system find and clone businesses? How much does each person gain per cloned business?

Red Flag #5. Unrealistically Bulletproof System

In that same video, Josh also mentions how tightly secured his system is and how he’s confident that it’s errorless.

He mentions that he had tested his system countless times before, to the point that he’s absolutely sure that it’s going to work as he planned. By saying these words, he’s trying to convince people that click clone cash is guaranteed to earn them money no matter how many times they run the program.

Of course, this isn’t true because even with our current technological advances, it’s not common to find systems that operate flawlessly without crashes or glitches.

Red Flag #6. Cloud Hosting Subscriptions

To get your click clone cash system to work and start cloning online businesses, you have to register on the website’s cloud hosting network first.

Their current cloud hosting services stand at a price of $90 every month for 6 months or $152 every month for 12 months. This doesn’t seem like a large sum of money in exchange for $100,000 a month, right?

Wrong. Sadly, there’s no money for you in return. This is how the owner of the click clone cash site earns his money from people who innocently believe his words.

Red Flag #7. Non-existent Customer Support

The fact that there isn’t any customer support at hand makes the site more dubious than it was. Upon filling in the information needed to complete the registration process, you’ll find that the website is void of many necessary details.

Plenty of people who registered on the website were surprised to find there was little to no information about the owner or the whereabouts of their money. There’s no method available to file any complaints either.

[Bonus] Red flag #8. Claims of Refunds

While surfing through the reviews of people expressing their opinions, you might come across a few bizarre ones regarding refunds.

You may find claims about click clone cash offering refunds to people who weren’t pleased with the services they present. And just like anything else related to the website, they’re incorrect.

Why would an owner of a bulletproof system that effortlessly collects money offer refunds? Other than thinking that the entire website is a hoax, there isn’t much of an explanation to it.

[Bonus] Red flag #9. Manipulation Through False Images

One way the click clone cash website manipulates people is by feeding you false claims. They try to convince potential clients of how successful their product is by using images of vacation sites, luxurious cars, etc.. through their reviews.

Screenshots of how much an individual subscribed to the website earns are often used as well. These kinds of images are supposed to prove how fast people can earn money thanks to the website.

But, as we mentioned before, paid actors are the ones who state reviews on the click clone cash site. So, aside from their fake assessments, the pictures they use to attract people are also untrue.

[Bonus] Red flag #10. Upselling Additional Products

Not only does click clone cash try to persuade people into buying their fictional programs, but they also attempt to sell additional unnecessary products.

If you happen to buy their main product -the system that clones businesses- you’ll find them trying to push you for purchasing other products.

Don’t fall for the same trick twice, because these products are as false and useless as the main one is.

Final Verdict

As I typically end all my articles. You ultimately have to make the financial decision on your own. My commitment to you is to provide you all the facts to help you make it an informed decision.

But sometimes against my better judgement. I will give you my brutal honest opinion.

So to give you an answer to the question we asked earlier,

Click Clone Cash has turned out to be another fraud among countless others found on the internet. It’s typically difficult for me to find at least seven red flags. But I was able to find you three bonus flags on top of the usual seven. You know that’s not a good sign, right?

The website’s eagerness to persuade people to join and its promises to get filthy rich quickly are possibly the two main reasons why their cover blew up.

Moreover, it’s disliked by various online users for how unrealistically the site portrays their services. You might want to think twice the next time you come across scams like these, they’re not worthy of your time and money.

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