[Day 1]: 11 reasons to start an online business


Welcome to Day 1 of Online Business For Newprenuers

I was in your shoes not too long ago. Right now you might be overwhelmed with everything that is out there. But one thing I realized over time is…

It looks scarier than it really is. With the right blueprint, everything is doable. I’m not special or a unicorn. Tons of folks like you and me have started online businesses and were able to quit their full-time jobs.

I recall being frustrated because I was trying to follow so many peoples advice. But I look back now and I know it was supposed to happen that way. It made me buckle down.

And today I’m so grateful I actually started my blog.

I started out just like you.

The most important thing for you to know is that I am not special or unique. Tons of people are starting online businesses and making money so they can quit their day jobs. There’s a formula you can learn to create an online business, grow it, and make money online.

Here are the 11 reasons why you should start an online business…

1. Starting an online business is an awesome challenge

Online businesses can be a challenge but the payoff is beyond awesome.

And once you kick it into high gear. It can actually be fun. This stems from being pretty much being able to choose any topic you want. And if you do you get to spend time creating and learning about something you already interested in.

You’ll be able to take your knowledge and expertise up a notch. You’ll also be able to meet really cool people in your industry.

2. You can make money relatively quickly

If done correctly you can make money faster than you think.

My first year I made over $15,000 and the second year over $30,000. This while all still working full time. I didn’t know online business could even be lucrative at all, but the truth is that it’s totally the best side hustle in the world.

3. Can become your full-time job

As your blog begins to grow and your side gig income increases, you’ll find you can turn your blog into your full-time gig.

I am still working at it. But my main goal is to be working full time in 2020. I have come a long way from 2017 when I first started. And I have made over $50,000 since then.

My goal is to be making six figures then eventually 7 figures

I’m not a unicorn. There’s a formula to an online business that works. Anyone can do it.

Yes, anyone.

4. Unlimited income potential

With an online business, you go from trading time for money to trading value for money.

This comes from doing marketing and income producing activities.

Then on top of that once you got your business running like a well-oiled machine it will

By spending your time on marketing and income producing activities you can significantly reduce the number of hours you have to work in order to bring in a sustainable income.

Your business is open 24/7 365 and keeps running even when you sleep.

4. You can start a business about something you absolutely love

There are so many different things you can start an online business about that it’s impossible not to find something you don’t love.

When you choose something you love, you will have so much fun doing it.

You get to spend your free time doing exactly what you enjoy most.

There’s nothing better than this.

It’s truly my happy place when I’m working on my online business. I love it so much.

5. You have complete flexibility and control of your schedule

The amazing thing about starting an online business is you can do it completely on your own terms.

You can work on it when you want and how you want.

This is amazing.

There’s no other hobby you can turn into a business and make money from while doing it completely on your own time, when and how you want.

It’s the best.

6. Easy peazy

Online business is easy. It is.

It can be scary at 1st but once you have the roadmap it’s straightforward… seriously.

Once you learn all the puzzle pieces, you can turn your new business into side income, your full-time job, or whatever else you want.

I can show you exactly how to create your online business and what steps to take next, which is what this course is all about. It’s very easy!

7. Develop good habits

Starting an online business will no doubt push you outside your comfort zone in a really good way.

You’ll have to publish content publicly, which will help you develop consistency.

I use to be the biggest procrastinator. I would never do anything on my calendar. Or finish things super late. But starting an online business made me realize I would never be able to make money with those type of habits.

These habits I have picked up have also translated into my personal life. So itis a win-win.

8. Skills and education

Starting an online business will immediately increase your skills and education.

I did not have the money to outsource much in my business. So I had to learn quickly because I was forced to sink or swim.

You will learn how to learn to make money online and learn the technical components of running an online business.

9. You can help people and make a difference

Having an online business is really amazing because you can do it in an area where you want to help people and make a difference in their lives.

For example, I help creative ambitious women with personal development, online business, and money so they can leave Corporate America.

I love this more than anything. I feel completely called to do this and it feels amazing giving back in this way.

Running an online business is a way to give back and serve the world on your own terms.

10. Networking

Once you become an online entrepreneur you start to create new connections.

You will realize the fastest way to grow and better yourself. Is connecting with other entrepreneurs to discuss what’s working and what’s not.

This can also lead to potential business opportunities down the line.

11. It’s very inexpensive to start

Starting an online business is very inexpensive. It’s only $3.95 to start a website with my special Bluehost link.

I have a step by step fool-proof tutorial that walks you through exactly how to start a blog (coming soon) from start to finish.

Seriously, it’s so easy.

The fact that starting a website is so inexpensive and the income potential is so high, there really is no reason not to start. Any other business has so much overhead. Online business is amazing for that reason.

Starting my blog was the best decision I ever made.

A Final Note!

Today is why you should start an online business. Of course, there are so many more reasons than what I listed above. But I think these are a good starting point.

Starting a blog is hands down the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Soon I will be running my online business fulltime while making over six figures.

You can do this, too.

I’m here to help you!

Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s email, where I’ll break down how to choose your niche.

You’ll learn exactly how to choose what area you should start a business in and what to name your business. Don’t miss this one – it’s super important!

See you there!

– Willie

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