[Day 10]: Designing your website (theme)

We are nearing the end, my friend.

Today is Day 10 of Online Business for Newprenuers Free Course!

The topic is designing your site aka picking a website theme.

Before we begin…you might have already started your website. If you haven’t, revisit yesterday’s lesson.

With your website up and running. Picking a blog theme is the next step in the process.

Because your site doesn’t automatically come designed when you buy a domain and select a web host

So how do you choose a theme?

Work it backward.

Remember Rule #1: Blogs don’t make money businesses do.

So you must keep in mind your end goal. And answers the following questions:

  • What is the theme able to do?
  • Will it allow you to put a custom sign up box above each blog post?
  • Can you choose between having a sidebar or not?
  • What about the homepage? Can you do things besides having a list of blog posts?

With that being said, most themes with a little bit of customizing in WordPress can work.

Some people refer to this as the “fun stuff”

I say “fun stuff” with quotation marks because your boy (me) got caught in paralysis analysis. There are literally thousands of themes available.

When I first started I literally spent weeks trying to decide. It was torture.

But looking back I get it tho. You want a fighters chance of making it big. And a beautiful looking blog may increase your chances of landing a haymaker.

I personally ended up hiring a designer to create my first 3 sites. And let me tell you, I regretted it from day 1.

I had to keep going back to him to make any updates to the site. On top of that, he lived on the other side of the world. So there was like a 12-hour difference.

But times have changed. Its easier to design your site without hiring a designer or coder (Amen). Did I mention it would be easier on your pockets too?

With that being said, it would be irresponsible of me to not mention what imreviews.co is designed with.

It’s with the GeneratePress theme.

I love love love the GeneratePress theme. GP Premium.

If you go the WordPress route, I know you’ll love it too.

It’s super easy to use, no coding necessary. You can create the exact look and feel you are looking for because its completely customizable.

So if you anything like me, you ain’t a coder but you want your site to look professionally designed.

GeneratePress is the theme for this.

Besides looking cool. It has lightning fast load-times which is essential. When’s the last time you waited for a slow website to load up?

Do you need to pay for a theme?

Of course not.

Most times there’s a free version that has enough features to build yourself a nice site. But all the bells and whistles are only available in the premium versions.

I have had a few people reach out and ask me how I designed ImReviews.co.

Like them… now you know too.

GP is the best and easiest theme and its exactly what I used to create my site. There are many bloggers out there who recommend a certain theme but its not the one they are using on their own sites. Talk about incongruency.

Anywho I digress.

I’m also putting together a tutorial on how I exactly designed my site. So be on the lookout for that.

Otherwise, GP is very easy to use. There also plenty of tutorials too. Here the GeneratePress Help page.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit that reply button. I know designing a site can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m happy to help you.

Tomorrow, we are going to talk about “Launch Day” This is when you make your site live. Then in 2 days it all comes to an end.

In that email I’m going to share with you the exact steps you need to take to turn your new website into a business that actually makes money.

This is the good stuff, so make sure you look for the email.

See you there!

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