[Day 12]: Next steps to Grow your Online Business

Ahhh its finally here.

Its Day 12 of the Online Business For Newpreneurs Free Course. The last day. 😕

Up to this point, you have done 1 of 2 things.

  1. You took action —–> Website is set up.
  2. You took no action —–> Whats a website. (It is what it is.)

Either way… you most likely came to the realization that you are barely scratching the surface.

Trust me, I know.

Because I was in the same boat.

If you told me 2 years ago Willie you are going to launch an websitet that would create the side income to purchase an engagement ring and pay for the actual wedding. I would think you were nuts.

If you told me I was in route to quitting my job and running my online business full time. I would ask you what you smoking… and pass it this way.

Yet, that’s exactly where I am today. Anything is possible.

So today, I want to lay out a road map for you to go from creating your website to grow your business and most importantly making money.

Step 1: Start your website

  • Register your domain name
  • Sign up for hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Design your website

Step 2: Grow your platform

  • Create content consistently ( blog post, podcast, email newsletter, lives on social media)
  • Give free results ahead of time (free download, course, webinar)
  • Grow your email list ( email marketing)
  • Drive traffic to your website ( Google, Pinterest, Youtube)

Step 3: Monetize your business

  • Decide which way to monetize( affiliate marketing, create+sell you own products, coaching, freelancing work, display advertising, monthly subscription site)
  • Create assets( what you’re going to sell or promote)
  • Create a strategy for selling whatever it is you’re selling ( funnels, webinars, email marketing)

Step 4: Advanced Strategies to scale ( scale with funnels and paid advertising)

  • Marketing Funnels
  • Paid advertising ( Facebook ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads)

If you look close we have actually gone over lessons that belong in each of these 4 steps. And we ended it by completing all the tasks in Step 1.

Puts you further along than 95% of the wannabe entrepreneurs.most.

If you reading this congrats for making it to this point.

The real fun… starts now.

This is where I come in.

You might be looking at your WordPress site and fell overwhelmed.

You having a hard time writing content for your site. You feel like you juggling a million things like your family, job, life and your online business.

I know what it’s like to start an online business with a full-time job because I did it myself and I’m still doing it(for the time being)

I turned my debt into a 5 figure business soon to be 6-figures.

I did it while working full time.

But I must admit I didn’t do it alone.

The most impactful lessons I learned was in Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will discover exactly how to…

  1. Master time management
  2. Write a really good blog post
  3. Drive traffic to your blog
  4. Set up email marketing
  5. Create freebies
  6. Start making money with ads and affiliate marketing
  7. Turn your blog into a business
  8. What to do when you are ready to scale your blog to six figures
  9. And soooo much more.

Not to mention you will always have email access to me as member and even be able to DM on their platform. You can send me questions about blogging and ill answers them. You will also see other questions and answers posted by other members on your dashboard.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you get a completely simple, clear and easy to follow the path for turning you brand new website into a side gig( all while you work full time)

You can absolutely start a website and turn it into a side hustle or a full-time income

I did it. Let me help you do it too.

Join me now in Wealthy Affiliate.

You… my friend are indeed a rockstar. You are capable of making money online so you can book that vacay you promised your spouse or even quit your corporate job.

Get your access pass and let’s make it happen!

See you in there.


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