Congrats on taking the time to do your research. You are trying to find out if Facebook on Fire is a scam. Don’t get confused both are the same product peddled under different names. By the creator Everett Thompson.


The word scam gets thrown around loosely nowadays about anything. But there are some red flags about this type of software program which I am compelled to make you aware of.

This system has been around for a couple of years. It disappeared but actually recently came back within the last year.

Just like my posts on Countdown to Profits or Lotto Crusher System. These systems come and go as they find new ways to peddle them to the masses.

So let’s get to it… 

Facebook on Fire Review

What is Facebook on fire?

Very good question. A question which the actual video never answers this question.

But from piecing a few things together. It’s a training system which teaches you how to make money on Facebook.

It claims if you know how to like, share and post. You can make money. Yet, it’s a bit more complicated than that. I discovered the secret they claim has to do with using facebook pixels, posting ads and already having other websites in place. That’s another level above liking, sharing and posting.


Red Flag #1 – joseph Magnum

Time and time again. We see a host of fictional creators. For all these systems. Why does no one really want to claim them? In this case, we have Joseph Magnum. Your normal average joe.

He stumbles upon the meeting of a lifetime which “changes” his life forever. More on his story later.

So as always. I like to begin with a google search and a yahoo search of the creator. It is important for me to able to find any proof of their existence. Especially if you are telling people your system can make you thousands of dollars a month.

But alas I am highly disappointed.

But of course not shocked.

You can’t find one lick of evidence this dude exists. No press media or social media about his revolutionary system.

It could be an alias. However, I highly doubt it.

red flag #2 – the Origin story

This is good. I really love this story in the video. It’s one of the stories that sound crazy enough to be true.

So kudos to the genius who fabricated this masterpiece.

The story goes that he was a waiter at The Prime Grill in NY. There was a meeting after a Tech Crunch event where the Who’s who show up to mingle and network.

Joseph was waiting tables when he saw Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg chatting it up. He overheard them talking about a “massive loophole” in their platforms.

So after watching a Mission Impossible marathon with Tom Cruise… Joseph knew he had to record their conservation somehow.

He was able to slip his cellphone underneath their table undetected. Could you imagine the type of security in place for 2 billionaires?


After everything died down and they left. He managed to retrieve his cellphone.

He discovered in the recording a “secret loophole” which can potentially allow people to make $300-$1000’s per day.

He knew he struck gold.

So much so. Out of gratitude, he would share this loophole with only 100 people.

red flag #3 – Space is limited

Yes, it’s our ole trusty friends. “Mr. Scarcity” and his cousin ” Ms. FOMO”

As we have seen before with these offers. They use a method of urgency or aka a high-pressure sales tactic. By claiming only a few spots are available (scarcity), they expect you to fall victim to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

In this video, he states he will be selling this to only 100 people.

At $47 a pop, you would think. This would sell out in a matter of minutes like a Justin Bieber concert. But Nah, it still here just scooping people up 100 at a time.

Red Flag #4 – get $500 to watch

How’s that for a headliner. You are offering me $500 to watch your video.


He goes along and mentions the videos consists of 2 stages. So by watching stage 1 you will be getting $500. But when you get there. Surprise we just need you to watch a bit longer.


They will even keep you posted. How long until you become eligible for it.

If you ask my, wife (just got married yall!). She would tell you I’m a “Glass Half-Full Guy”. I believe that things CAN be too good and be true.

Unfortunately, in this case, it is too good to be true.

When you get to your last “ding”. You finally get to the catch…


Ahhh. So you telling me. I gotta buy the system. Then go out and make $500 in 60 days.

And if I don’t only then will you give me the $500 which are owed to me.

What they don’t mention here. Is typical with these type of bold claims. You will have to prove without a doubt you tried to make $500. And on top of that, you will have to prove you were at it for all 60 days.

I can’t fault them of course. Someone can easily buy the system. Never open it. And come with both hands open on Day 61.

Regardless this is still a play with words.

red flag #5 – Testimonials

As I have said in previous posts. Testimonials are an effective way to entice prospective buyers. Because of course its only natural. We would like to hear from other people to see if it’s real.

There are quite a few testimonials in the video which sadly are all paid actors hired to portray real people.

Hey, it’s all good.

You can do that. But at least be transparent about it. Clearly, state this is a paid actor/actress acting out a real testimonial. This is very common in TV infomercials.

But they don’t so I gotta call them out on this.

Here you go:

There are at least 3 more of these examples of this. But I’m sure you get the point.

red flag #6 – Poor Customer Service

Throughout the sales video. They make claims about their customer support. Hows great it is. And how responsive they are.

They also mention a 60-day refund guarantee. Which all sounds good.

But the interwebs are full of complaints about never receiving a refund. Or worse never receiving a response period.


Here are some complaints about it on

Negligence and/or poor customer service is an automatic red flag in my book.

red flag #7 – attack of the clones

I briefly mentioned it disappeared. And recently came back.

But there are at least 5 other systems under different names. But they show you how to do the same exact thing.

Others are known as Facebook Bonanza, The Facebook Money System, Facebook Cash Code, or FB Freedown Cash,

So I call this Attack of the Clones because its getting peddled under different names.

The Final Verdict

Well, its a wrap on this post.

As I always say you ultimately make your own financial decisions.

I am just someone trying to provide you with all the facts so you can make the informed decision.

I will not come directly out and call this a scam. You do get an educational training program. There are actual lessons to learn. The main issue here is the fact you are told. You will make money from simply liking, posting and sharing. Up to thousands at that.

I am not a fan of deceitful practices to make sales. So this is a no go in my book.

On a more serious note. If you really desire to be financially independent…

You have to realize there are no short-cuts. But I’m here to tell it’s not as hard as you think…

Instead of spending your time searching for a magic bullet or a bag of magic jelly beans. Channel that time and focus on building a business online for your self. Something you can start within your spare time. Until it surpasses whatever income you getting from your job.

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