US Freedom Checks | 7 Red Flags Exposed

Congrats on taking the time to do your research. Here is my review of US Freedom Checks.

You are trying to find out if freedom checks 2018 is a scam. The word scam gets thrown around loosely nowadays about anything. But there are some red flags that I am going to point out that I am compelled to make you aware of.

So let’s get to it here are the red flags about US freedom Checks review.

us freedom checks 2018 - 7 flags exposed

Freedom Checks Review

Red Flag #1 – Sketchy Article

When searching for freedom checks,  you eventually end up on an article on the site It’s an article posing the question if freedom checks is a scam or not.

After quickly scanning the article you eventually learn its part of a sales pitch for a paid subscription to the “Real Wealth Strategist” newsletter. We will touch on that later but for now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Red Flag #2 – Sketchy Owner

Before going further I wanted to find out the overseeing entity of US freedom checks 2018.  To no surprise, it’s Banyan Hill Publishing. When you look them up on the Better Business Bureau(BBB) you learn it’s not accredited (duh!) and has an 80% negative customer experience rating. (Banyan Hill Publishing is a subsidiary of Agora Financial who also responsible for Cash for Patriots program )

Just off those 2 red flags alone, I think should be enough information to instantly make a decision on this…

But sometimes our curiosity gets the best of us.

Getting back to the actual article…

When you reach the end of it there is a link to learn more about US freedom checks.  After you click on the link you land on a video sales letter seen here:

us freedom checks 2018 vsl


Red Flag #3 – Urgency Plea Headline

Urgency tactic used immediately in the headline. Urgent: $34.6 Billion in “Freedom Check” Payouts Expected This Year. Then it implies that you can get a piece of the pie as soon as July 13. Obviously, if you come here next week it will show an updated day for that week as well. But let’s keep going.

Once the video begins you are introduced to Matt Badiali…

Speaking of Mr. Badiali here is the next red flag.

Red Flag #4 – 3rd Person Antics

During my search, I also found this article on

us freedom checks 2018 daily reckoning
us freedom checks 2018 daily reckoning

It’s allegedly posted by Mr. Badiali himself and signed off by him. But what makes me wave the red flag is that the entire post is in the 3rd person…


I don’t know about you but I always think twice about somebody who talks about themselves in that way lol.

Either way, even you think if this is legitimate or not, Daily Reckoning averages over 700,000 monthly views so yea I think he really did post this.

But I got sidetracked so let’s get back to the review.

So in the video, Mr. Badiali begins by introducing himself holding what looks like him holding a US-issued certified check.

But to be fair he explains this is not a government check.

“You can get started with a check just like this one right here as soon as next month thanks to a program that authorizes 568 agencies across the country to dole out this money.

“To be clear, this is not a government program … it’s not like Social Security or Medicare… It’s not a 401(k) or IRA or anything like that.

“It’s a much better program … there are no age requirements and the payouts can be much, much higher.

“After all, these agencies are slated to pay $34.6 billion over the next year to any American taxpayer with a claim on the cash….

“I’ll show you exactly how to stake your claim in just a moment. But you must act now if you want to start collecting your checks as early as next month.”

Red Flag #5 – Fake Pictures

To back up his claims Mr. Badiali begins to rally off the first segment of testimonials.

us freedom checks 2018 testimonials
us freedom checks 2018 testimonials

When you take a closer look at the actual pictures and do a google image search you soon realize the pictures are being used on a couple of different websites so they most likely stock images.

US freedom checks 2018 testimonials 1
US freedom checks 2018 testimonials 1

So then what exactly is US Freedom Checks 2018?


Red Flag #6 – Its a “Secret”

Mr. Badiali finally tells us what freedom checks 2018 are:

“It’s a secret program every president from both sides of the aisle has been working on over the last 40 years … from Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton all the way to Obama and even Trump — making this what many insiders have called the ‘last truly bipartisan policy.’”

Uhm bro if you telling us what it is… IT’s NOT A SECRET

But anyways he finally reveals some real info:

“After four decades of struggling, we may have finally found the perfect solution.

“The law that made it all possible … Statute 26-F.

“This statute basically says that companies can operate tax-free if they become a designated agency.

“To meet the requirements, a company…

1. Must generate 90% of its revenue from the production, processing, storage and transportation of the $128 trillion of natural resources in the United States, and…
2. Pay out lucrative freedom checks to all shareholders…”

Freedom Checks is the creation of Mr.Badialia to put a pretty bow on an investment vehicle in the form of a Master Limited Partnerships (MLP). So to be transparent this is real.

These MLP’s, in a nutshell, are publicly traded partnerships that work as pass-through businesses. By doing this they can avoid paying taxes as long as they pass through their profits to their “shareholders”.

Its a bit more complicated than that but you are welcome to dig deeper into MLP’s.

Red Flag #7 – Misleading Marketing

Sure this is an actual investment strategy however how Mr. Badialia packages it is very misleading.  It provides unrealistic claims with likely fake testimonials and by the end of the video you really aren’t sure what you getting into.

It sounds too good to be true about helping everyday people like you and me collect thousands of dollar annually.

For example, these MLP’s on average will pay a dividend of  5-10% of your investment per year.

So let’s say we are on the high end of that scale at 10%.

Go open you Calc app and let’s start with what he said as your initial investment of $10.

  • $10 investment multiplied by .1 gives you a payout of $1 per year… that’s definitely a freedom check to help fulfill all your dreams.

But ok let’s say you got some money saved up … like $10,000.

  • $10,000 investment multiplied by .1 gives you a payout of $1,000 per year.

That’s not too bad but you still not fulfilling life-changing dreams with that.

Finally, for you to see life-altering money  say you have $1 million dollars to invest

  • $1,000,000 investment multiplied by .1 gives you a payout of $100,000…

Now, this is something more in line with the numbers he was claiming in the video.

So, in essence, you gotta put down millions to get six-figure returns.

Furthermore, this actual strategy he explains is just an added “bonus” if you sign up for his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist.  At the time of this post, there are 3 different subscriptions.

US freedom checks 2018 subscriptions
US freedom checks 2018 subscriptions

Red Flag Bonus

Mr. Badalia says he’s been a financial strategist for the last 20 year, however, there is no information in regards to him anywhere outside of US freedom checks.

Bottom Line:

Final Verdict

Ultimately, it up to you to decide if you think if this worth your time or worth your money.  But what I do hope is you pay close attention to these red flags and give US Freedom Checks a Hard Pass!



3 thoughts on “US Freedom Checks | 7 Red Flags Exposed”

  1. Hello i am try to see if i can get my freedmo Check so i can give back to God and pay some bills off I pray to God that i can get my freedmo check because god no i can use it Amen

    • Hi Ruby,
      These freedom checks do not actually exist. Its part of a sales pitch to sign up for a subscription financial newsletter.


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