The Simple 4-Step Blueprint Proven to Make Money Online

As promised I will show you the simple 4-step blueprint. I use to make money as we speak.

And I will be showing you this process without asking you for a dime.

You probably heard that line before.

But yes what you will see today is absolutely free.

And I know you will take this seriously because you came here today looking for something.

You are most likely here because you wish you could have more money or more time. But when you take a second to really dive in. Time and money are results that scratch the surface. If you dig deeper you will realize. What you really want time and money for.

In a nutshell, freedom.

The freedom to be, do or have “X”.

What is “X” for you?

Is it more time to spend with your family?

Is it more money to support your family?

Is it more time to spend traveling the world?

Is it more money so you can pay your bills on time… for once?

Or it because you stuck at a dead-end job and feel ashamed. Ashamed for not being a parent your kids could be proud of.

Those are just a few that come to mind but there could be a million “X” reasons.

Anyhoo, its something to be aware of.

Now you came here to find out the 4-step blueprint.  

As the title suggests the steps are simple. But please note I never said they were easy.  

Know this tho.

If you can master these 4 steps. You will never have to stress about money ever again. That’s the good news.

The bad news… is mastering these steps is not common. In fact hard.

It’s been reported every 9 out of 10 people fail at making money online. As they say, the truth hurts.

Even badder news… if you can believe that. 

Is that Make Money Online industry is set up for you to fail on purpose.

Willie why would you say that.

Easy because I been a serial victim. I have been peddled and shammed by dozens of products that have overpromised and undelivered. 

I have literally shelled out thousands of dollars trying to find my magic ticket.  

These Internet Gurus know it or Furu’s (Fake Guru’s) as I call them. They know you and I will try again and again because deep down inside. We were raised to never quit. They know we love to hope. The hope that you and me. 

Are just 1 product… 1 training… away from making it big.

I know this hope really well. 

But there is the other side of the coin no one talks about. The ugly side. Where you get to a point where your hope has been beaten down and left for dead. Like I said I’ve been there. The sleepless nights wondering ” how did I get into this mess?”

I think back.

It started off simple enough. I bought my first course. Then I bought another… and another.

Next thing you know I bought courses teaching me how to:

• Get a new career

• Be a consultant

• Create a product

• Create an e-commerce store

• The list goes on!

Yet, months later… no progress. It felt like I was going through the same endless cycle of guilt and frustration.

Guilt because yet again I failed to come through. 90% of these courses I shelled money on.

I didn’t even finish.  

Frustration because there was plenty of money going out and no money coming in.

To be 100% real it felt like someone was standing on my chest. It was hard to breathe. 

Then doubt crept in.

A part of me was skeptical I was even cut out to be an entrepreneur.  

A part of me believed starting a new career online was too hard.

A part of me felt sticking at my job for another 20+ years would be a lot easier.

Looking back now…  I didn’t realize how close I came to quitting. I would take “breaks” sometimes lasting months at a time. Even tho I was down on myself, I would always manage to convince myself to give it one more shot.

I would tell myself. You got this new funnel man it will work. 

Or yes!! My lastest Facebook ad got approved. I know this will be the one.

But the next morning. I would spring out of bed to check my stats…

Nada, zilch, a big fat donut. No sales made… yet again.

By this point, I even tapped into my 401k. Because buying courses and running ads COST money.

Then it happened. The day I thought would never come. I made my first sale! 

I made it… so I thought. I will tell you one thing. Before I go on. When you make that 1st sale. It’s an unexplainable high. It makes you realize 2 things.

First, this online thing is for real. 

Second, if I can do it once… I can do it again.

All I know is I wanted more of it. I wanted more of that feeling.

The sales trickled in, here and there. But my money was going out a lot faster than it was coming in.

Each of those sales gave me a sense of false hope. Because I kept telling myself it will eventually reverse. I will have more money coming in than going out.

The “Furus” know how addictive the feeling is. 

They convince you the next upgrade will lead to more money. Which sometimes it does. But most times it doesn’t.


Fast forward a bit.  

This fool (me). Ended up maxing out all his credit cards. And emptying out his 401k chasing this high. I literally felt like a drug addict.  


Don’t worry I didn’t end up on the street.  

I had been smart enough to at least stick at my full-time job. 

But it did affect other things in my life. You see I was the “one that made it” from my family. 

I graduated from college and landed a decent paying job.  

I had a reputation for getting everyone really nice gifts during the holiday season. And here we were. I barely had enough money to get a single gift.

Sadly,my only niece at the time got Tio Willie that year.

Yeah, that hurt. It hurt a lot

Listen I am not asking for your pity.  

Going belly up was 100% on me.

Falling for these courses was on me.

But failing to make a profit online was not.

That goes for you too. Let me repeat that. 

It’s not your fault.

It comes down to getting the wrong guidance from the wrong people.

It’s like they tell you that you gotta jump in with both feet. Only for you to end up with 2 broken feet.

The hard lesson learned is.

Please wear a parachute before you jump. #amirite

Lol, I’m not trying to make light of a serious situation.

But if you desire to make money online stick with me here.

You are going to see what actually works. Because we have done plenty of what doesn’t work.

You see this website you landed on?

It makes me money. Money that is commonly referred to as passive income.

But keep cool. I promised you I won’t be selling you anything here today. I am a man of my word. You won’t find anything on this page asking you to shell out any of your hard-earned cash.

So loosen that tight grip on your credit card and put it away. It’s not welcomed here.

Well, let me back up. I am going to try and sell you something.

I am going to sell you on how this blueprint absolutely works. If I was a Furu I would have a link button right now to a sales page.

But I want to do something a little crazy…

How about giving you so much value upfront. At no cost.

That you are going to beg me to take your money later.

Yea I know that sounds even crazier.

But why would I do that?

Simple. The fastest and easiest way to make money is by helping others – via value. And solving problems.

That’s it. If you look at every single time you have spent money. It would fall into these two buckets.

Go ahead I’ll a give you a second to think about it.​​

Now that you realize I’m right.

This is where the blueprint shines. It focuses on you providing value or even solving people’s problems. By selling or recommending solutions. These solutions can be in the form of products or services.

Before I go on. If you got an issue with selling and recommending products or services.

Let me save you some time. Hit that back button. Because making money online is not what you want.

You just want… wanting it.

Now if you don’t mind and committed to making money online.

Let’s keep it moving.

You may continue.

As a mentor of mine has stated

If you do it ethically and provide more value upfront than you ask in return, you shouldn’t have to worry about money again.

Jay West

So coming back full circle.

If you help people get what they want. You will get what you want.

Now to be upfront. I can’t sit and tell you that you will become a millionaire. For one, I’m not so I’m qualified to tell you that. But is it in the range of possibilities or outcomes? Yes

But let’s focus on something which is very attainable. I’m talking about money. That can help you cover your bills.

Money to go on vacation and not worry you going to go negative in your bank account.

Money to be able to quit your j-o-b. Remember time and money to do X.

At this point, you wondering when I am going to spill the beans on the 4 steps of the blueprint.

Bus lets make sure you know. What’s going to happen.

I am going to show you the same exact process I have used to make over $50,000 over the last 18 months.

A process that I wish I knew before I wiped my 401k out and maxed my credit cards.

A process will eventually have me saying goodbye to my job forever.

With that said. You have to be sure you are going to be all in.

No more doing things half-ass or being caught up with the next new shiny object.

Promise your self you going to give the process at least 6 months of focused time.

This will give you time to fully learn it. Grasp it. Implement it.

And don’t worry there is no huge learning curve. You can do this.

Even if you have no experience or tech skills. We won’t be doing any coding.

So back to the process.

So you landed on this page. A page that puts money in my pocket.

I told you how I would show you how it works right.

People land on this page every day.

Some folks will leave immediately. Some folks will actually look around. Some folks will take advantage of all the free stuff on here.

And a number of these folks will eventually buy a product or service I recommend.


It’s not because I am selling them. You know when someone is trying to sell you so it actually does the opposite.

Its because you can relate. We probably share the same goals. Want the same things in life.

And we love free stuff. Especially free stuff that is actually valuable.

So as you can see here this process is not specific to something I am promoting.

Its a process you can apply to any product, any service or even an existing business you are in right now.

And like I said earlier you don’t even need to own a product, you don’t need to be offering a service.

You can do what I do. Promote other people’s products and services.

​…and it can be just as profitable.

But…. a big but. Lets pause here. To make sure you and I are on the same page. On what this is NOT.

  • It’s not a plug-and-play “system”
  • It’s not a “get-rich-quick-scheme”.
  • It’s not a done-for-you (turn-key) sales funnel full of expensive upsells.
  • It’s not an MLM or self-promoting product you have to go out and sell.
  • It’s not a series of tasks you get paid for.
  • It’s not a gimmick, gadget or some “mystery hack”

In plain English, if you looking for a quick buck to pay off a bill by next week. Sorry, this isn’t it.

I don’t want to be an a-hole. By shooting down your dreams of easy money. But this is a business you need to take seriously.

And more importantly, I only want to help you.

If. You. Are. Serious.

I think that’s a fair request. Don’t you?

My next request. Is as important.

Are you “teachable”?

To succeed in this business. You have to be willing to learn. You have to have an open mind. And set aside “everything you think you know”.

Because if you did actually know it. You would be actually doing it. And if you were actually doing it.

You wouldn’t be here reading my page.

This also means putting your ego aside.

I’ve been there too. Thinking I knew better. And it took a lot longer for me to succeed.

To recap if you are serious and teachable,

You can drastically cut your learning curve. ​

Alright, I think we on the same page here.


On the next page, you’re going to gain access to the same 4-step blueprint that I use to make money. The same 4-step process that brought you here today.

At the expense of sounding like a broken record. Mastering these 4-steps is by far the most powerful skill you can learn today. To make money online.

If you are one of the few who do. You will never have to worry about money ever again.

I promised you a ridiculous amount of value. Free value.

On top of discovering the 4-step blueprint. You will be getting the following:

  • 10 step-by-step lessons of the blueprint delivered in a way that even a 3rd grader can understand. This includes video, text, checklists, and forums to ask questions if you get stuck.
  • Coaching from me 1-on-1 so you can hit the ground running.
  • Community access so you can engage with industry experts and other like-minded people like you who want to grow.
  • A free website so you can start your business in a few minutes from now.
  • And some easy-to-use online tools you’re going to love…

And yes, it’s all free.

I’m sure if you are just like me. You have spent a sh*tload of money for a lot less value. Versus what you getting here for no money down.

If I am being totally honest here what do you have to lose?

All you can do is gain.​

Join the 10% who actually do make money online. And to add icing on the cake.

You have an unfair advantage of working with me. Yes, I am a real person.

And you will have the ear of other experts who will love to help you.

So ultimately what will you be gaining?

Money appearing in your bank account month after month. 

Money that will add the abundance you desire in your life. Even the freedom to walk away from your current 9-5.

How peaceful would your mind be knowing you have reliable income coming in. Income which provides for you and your family comfortably.

Ok if you’re still here.

You probably think alright Willie you fattening me up. Getting me right to feast on me later.

Not true my friend.

As I said earlier… 

I make money because of a “percentage of people”. Who land here and take advantage of the free stuff.

Will one day buy a product or service I recommend…

With that said.

There are two versions of the blueprint and tools you are getting here today. There is a free version and a paid version.

A certain percentage of people will upgrade to the paid version.

The paid version throws in some more powerful tools. It gives you up to 50 websites. Allows you to dm (direct message). And get live training.

But I am a man of my word. I promised you the 4-steps for free.

I won’t bamboozle you. Then upsell you.

All while convincing you to take out a loan or empty savings or borrow from your 401k.

That’s what you expecting.

And lemme tell you. You should be expecting it. That’s a good thing.

I’ve been scammed by those systems before too.

Which is why I’m telling you about the paid version now. So when you see it you won’t be offended.

Or throw me in a pit with the other lame FURU’s out there.

So full disclosure. You will eventually see an offer for the paid version for $19 (nineteen dollars).

Nothing else.

With that said we have reached the end.

Before you go on to the next page. I would like to leave you with some food for thought.

In life, you either learn by expensive mistakes (which you and I have) or from the wisdom and advice of others.

A follow up to that is this quote.

If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.

Robert Kiyosaki

I bring this up because. You are gaining free access to people. Who are where you want to go. And more importantly willing to show you how to get there.

You are gaining access to a blueprint. Which will give you confidence…

You can pull it off even while holding down a full-time job.

So go ahead click on the button to the next page to discover the 10 step-by-step to implement the blueprint, your free website and personal access to me.

Click this button here and I’ll see you on the next page.

Start Here

No Credit Card Needed

I get it to you busy. So you scrolled to the bottom page before digging in. It’s all good I have been there.

Here’s the rub. You get the following with no money or credit card down.

  • The simple 4-step blueprint I use so you can start making money.
  • 10 easy step-by-step lessons of the blueprint delivered in a way that even a 3rd grader can understand. This includes video, text, checklists, and forums to ask questions if you get stuck.
  • Coaching from me 1-on-1 so you can hit the ground running.
  • Community access so you can engage with industry experts and other like-minded people like you who want to money.
  • A free website so you can start your business in a few minutes from now.
  • And some easy-to-use online tools you’re going to love…

There is absolutely nothing to pay for on this page and everything you read above is free.

So what do you have to lose?

I get it...

pop-ups are as exciting as well...
touching a cactus.

But I stumbled on to a simple 4-step process that changed my life. Wanna see how I did it?


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