Congrats on taking the time to do your research. Here is my review on Paypal Money Adder also known as Paypal Money Generator.

 Is the Paypal Money Adder a scam? It appears to be using deceptive practices and there are some red flags I am want to make you aware of.

You looking to find out if the Paypal Money Adder is a scam.  The word scam gets thrown around loosely nowadays about anything. But there are some red flags about this type of Home Income program which I am compelled to make you aware of.

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So let’s get to it…  here are the red flags about the PayPal Money Adder.

Red Flag #1 – No Verifiable information

I spent a long time trying to find anything truthful or valid about using this app. I kept coming up on sketchy sites that would have my phishing software going off.

I couldn’t even find a real answer on what it is exactly. Based on the little information I could find.

It’s an application you can download just like any app you would download on your phone or desktop.

Once installed. It will supposedly deposit free money into an active PayPal account you have.

But besides that, I couldn’t find any concrete details. I mean let’s be real. If somebody was really making any income, wouldn’t they be clear details how so?

All the ‘articles’ and screenshots out there act like this app is some secret black box.

So my spidey senses were tingling at level 10. I knew right away this app was a bad hombre.

Red Flag #2 – Bold claims

I saw a bunch of different numbers being thrown out there. This was one of the more ridiculous claims I saw on Pinterest.

Is the Paypal Money Adder a scam? It appears to be using deceptive practices and there are some red flags I am want to make you aware of.

But a majority of the screenshots I came across were claiming in the range of $50- $1,500 in a day.

Which will ‘Makes it more reasonable for free money’ amirite? SMH


Other claims include the money being created out of thin air. Or this is completely legal because it doesn’t take money from banks or anyone else.

The money has to come from somewhere unless they printing money at the Mint.

Red flags # 3 – Attack of the clones

If you have read any of my reviews. When I reference the attack of the clones like here. I’m not talking about Star Wars.

I’m referring to having a bunch of copies or different versions of the same thing.

Just take a look:

I only displayed 4 versions here but there are literally dozens if not hundreds of versions.

This is a big red flag!

Red flags # 4 – Needs Your Vital Info

If you look at the pictures in red flag #3 no matter what version you use. They are asking for your PayPal email address and in some cases your name as well.

There are versions even asking for your IP Address. That’s just beyond crazy to me.

I get it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you in a need of money fast. This looks very appealing.

Red Flag # 5 – Human Verification Needed

Once again nothing exactly clear. There are versions that require you to fill out a survey to confirm you are human. Or ask you to complete an offer to prove you are human.

What am I missing here? Isn’t this exactly what captcha and ReCaptcha was created for:

 Is the Paypal Money Adder a scam? It appears to be using deceptive practices and there are some red flags I am want to make you aware of.
img source:
Is the Paypal Money Adder a scam? It appears to be using deceptive practices and there are some red flags I am want to make you aware of.
img source:

But as I read on. It began to make sense. It painted a clearer picture of how these adders work.

You see when you can actually complete a survey. You are completing a legally paid survey.

The main problem is that the creator of the adder will actually get paid what’s owed to you.

Lightbulb moment!

I also come across other ways these adders can potentially harm you.

  • Email Address – They can easily sell your email info to advertisers. So you could hit with a bunch of unwanted ads aka spam.
  • PayPal Account – If the adder asked for your password. They could potentially take over your account and drain your monies.
  • Malware – I mentioned when I clicked on some of these websites my phishing software alerted me. These sites tried to install a virus or malware to steal your personal info.
  • Bitcoin – Some adders once installed. Will have your computer secretly mining bitcoin for these creators.

Red Flag # 6 – PayPal’s Response

Naturally, I was curious to see what PayPal had to say about these adders.

I did come upon a site which said they actually reached out to Paypal. This is what the site said.

“I was assured that anyone claiming to give you “free PayPal money” is either lying or trying to defraud you. They said there are no applications that can just “add money to your PayPal account” and to not trust anyone or any application claiming that they can do this for you.”


Red flags # 7 – Video clickbait

Finally, I took my search efforts to Youtube to see if I can find any videos showing the generator in action. Now talk about sketchy…

Every video had no voices and never showed anyone’s face. It would be strictly videos showing the supposed generator in action. Then a bunch of suspicious links.

Is the Paypal Money Adder a scam? It appears to be using deceptive practices and there are some red flags I am want to make you aware of.

The Final Verdict

As I always say you ultimately make your own financial decisions.

I am just someone trying to provide you with all the facts so you can make the informed decision.

But this is a 100% scam all the way. I don’t write up these types of reviews because its clearly a scam. I could save my 1,100 words for something else you would find more valuable.

But it was grinding my gears to see how this same exact scam has been going on for years. Which is a sign that people are still falling for it.

The numbers don’t lie. In 2019 the term PayPal Money Adder is averaging over 9,000 searches per month. This blows my mind!

So in closing please don’t fall for this.

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