There are many ways to earn money through the internet without doing actual work. Some services promise up to $300 a week! Is it legit, though? You get paid for nothing, how can that be legitimate?

Sometimes, it’s not.

Among the services that earn you money online is Survey Voices. It promises you easy money in a relatively short time, but can it deliver?

It’s not completely legit, but can we consider it a scam? Let’s see what Survey Voices reviewers have to say about that.

What is Survey Voices in a Nutshell

Before you can decide whether Survey Voices is scam or legit, you need to understand what it offers its customers. Survey Voices is an online service that acts as a broker for survey sites. Its parent company is Reward Zone LLC. The online platform claims you can earn money through it by filling out surveys.

Survey Voices is not a market-research company as most survey sites are; it won’t collect data about you. All it does is direct you to sites that’ll pay you for completing surveys.

You can think of it as a contracting company; it allows you to earn money by joining survey sites. So, Survey Voices doesn’t have surveys of its own that you fill out; it just directs you to a company that does. Afterward, these companies pay a commission to Survey Voices. What this platform does is called “Affiliate Marketing.”

The platform claims it only deals with trustworthy companies that have legit businesses. Another thing it claims is that you can earn $300 in one week by filling out surveys!

This is the bit where you should feel skeptical; this seems like a full-time income. It’s not the kind of money you can earn by completing surveys. Let’s see if they’re honest!

How Much Can You Make With Survey Voices

Since we’ve already established that $300 is a ridiculously large number to gain in one week, let’s talk about the real amount of money you’ll be gaining through Survey Voices.

The amount you gain depends on the site you join. There are four critical facts that you should know before you sign up, though.

  • First of all, surveys don’t pay much, despite all these claims. You’ll probably gain a dollar or two per survey. Although it seems exciting if you’re ready to do a lot of surveys, some of them take a lot of time to fill. Additionally, they get your mind jumbled with all the details. So, a dollar is just not worth it.
  • Secondly, the platform won’t pay you for every survey you fill. Some sites pay you in points that you can later redeem into gift cards. However, it’ll take a lot of effort to earn points that you can use to buy something valuable. When you think of it, it’s not that profitable.
  • Thirdly, most surveys have certain requirements. Meaning they target a specific age, demographic setting, or gender. So there’s a good chance you won’t qualify for a lot of surveys. Moreover, some of them tell you that you’re not eligible only after you fill the survey, which is deceptive and a huge waste of time.
  • Lastly, most surveys only need a specific number of people to fill them. Once they reach this number, they won’t pay the people who fill them afterward. In other words, only the first hundred or two hundred people who fill the survey get paid. Furthermore, there’s no way for you to find out whether this survey reached its goal or not.

Why Survey Voices Isn’t Totally Legit

Some red flags regarding Survey Voices keep us from saying it’s a legit way to earn money. It’s better to be all-inclusive of them before you sign up. Check them out here.

Red Flag #1 – It Connects You with Scamming Websites

Although Survey Voices claims to pick its websites carefully, we can’t help but doubt the honesty of this statement.

A lot of the websites they recommend are deceptive and fraud. They end up wasting your time without giving you any actual value. Plus, they may not be secure or safe for you to give your info.

Red Flag #2 – It Spams You

Once you sign up using your email address and phone number, you’ll keep getting ads, calls, and emails for marketing purposes. It can get annoying, especially that you don’t get much money to compensate for the hassle.

It’s part of the affiliate marketing process. For the companies to pay Survey Voices, it’s obligated to brand them. It does that by spamming you.

These facts make you doubt the legitimacy of these companies that the platform deals with. Consequently, it makes you doubt the legitimacy of the platform itself.

Red Flag #3 – It Offers No Customer Support

A huge part of any company’s success is its customer support services. If there isn’t customer support, you simply can’t trust the process, even if the company offers you a high-quality product.

Survey Voices doesn’t offer you any kind of customer support. If you face any issue, they won’t help you. Instead, it directs you to the survey website if you have any questions, so you can deal with them yourself.

Naturally, that causes us to doubt the platform’s care for its customers.

Red Flag #4 – It Provides No Real Service

We know that since it’s an online platform, it won’t offer you a real service. However, does the offered service have any real benefit?

You can research these survey sites by yourself using google search, and you’ll still make money through them. So when you think about it, Survey Voices doesn’t give you any true benefit.

Red Flag #5 – It Has Misleading Claims

Survey Voices claims a lot of things that are not true. For starters, the claim that you’ll earn $300 on your first week is a total scam. You won’t even make it close to this amount. Secondly, it claims to work with only legitimate websites, but that’s also not true.

Needless to say, if something sounds too good to be true, it’s because it probably is!

Red Flag #6 – It Collects Unnecessary Information

An online platform like Survey Voices should only be interested in your basic info. This info includes your age, email address, and gender.

However, Survey Voices also asks for your home address and phone number. Both of them shouldn’t interest the platform since it doesn’t use them. Suspicious, isn’t it?

Red Flag #7 – Better Business Bureau Complaints and Resolutions

At the time of this article, there have been 450 complaints submitted over the last 3 years. Which in its self is very alarming. I know its in people’s nature to complain about things. But to have this many… means something must be getting lost in translation.

At the same time, you must give credit, when credits due. The fact they are taking to the time to resolve complaints on BBB is a good thing. Especially since many scamming sites would not bother with it at all. At the time of this writing, they have resolved 56% of the complaints received. Or 253 out of 450 complaints have been closed

Here’s the Reason People Use Survey Voices

Despite all the previously mentioned facts, people still use the online platform to gain money. Why is that, you wonder?

Signing Up is Free

Most similar sites charge their customers in exchange for connecting them with sites they can earn money through. However, Survey Voices is free of charge.

It only requires time and effort from its users, so people consider it a good source of passive income. Although it doesn’t bring much money in.

Parent Company Has a Good Reputation

Reward Zone LLC is a well-reputed company. It has a high BBB rating, which means it’s a trustworthy business.

The high rating also means the company is reliable. It should assure you about the security of its platforms and websites.

It Lists Some High-Rated Companies

Although there are some scamming websites on Survey Voices, it still connects you to some good companies.

Some of them pay you on time and offer customer service. You can decide which site you want to deal with by checking the reviews for any of them.

Should You Sign Up?

Reading all these facts may have gotten you confused. If you’re still interested in the idea of passive money but skeptical about Survey Voices, thats a good thing. Always be skeptical until they prove their self otherwise.

So here’s the thing, this site. It can’t be your main source of income; it’ll only waste your time and pay you lower amounts of money than you expect.

Nevertheless, you can use it as a side source of income besides your main job. Earning money through filling out surveys is still a tempting idea if you don’t get bored. Plus, if you already fill surveys in your free time, it won’t harm you to make money through it.

However, make sure not to disclose your personal info. We advise against it, especially with the information security thing on the rise. On top of that, try to be picky with the surveys you fill and the websites you connect to.  You can look for other survey sites that provide more benefits and require less info.

Final Verdict

I end every article with the same advice.

You ultimately have to make your own decision. My main job is to provide you all the facts I can so you can make the informed decision.

I won’t sit here and label Survey Voices a scam because you technically don’t have to pay a dime for it. However, its legitimacy is a bit questionable. The platform depends on misleading advertising; it tempts you by promising you much more money than you can make.

The decision to use Survey Voices depends solely on your preferences or your purposes from using the platform. It does provide some benefits, and the fact that it has a minimal risk factor can be useful. However, there are a lot of questionable aspects.

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