Instant Cash Solution a brilliant money maker or too good to be true?

When you’re spending time online, it’s likely that you come across ads with the promise of making you instant money while working from home.

With thousands of people sharing their tips and tricks on making genuine cash on the internet, it’s tempting to want to be among those who found success in the comfort of their homes.

One of these so-called instant online money makers is Instant Cash Solution (ICS for short). But the real question is this: Is ICS a genuine method to make money, or is it a scam?

Below is a completely truthful review of ICS, and everything you need about it.

What Exactly is Instant Cash Solution?

Instant Cash Solution is an online business system that gives you the opportunity to earn thousands using ICS’s ‘copy and paste’ method.

Just simply copy and paste the ads they generate from their website on any social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, etc), and potentially get up to $500-$1,500 dollars per week depending on how many individuals click on the ad you’ve posted. 

Sounds fairly easy, and with social media on the rise, it’s bound to catch the interest of some prospects. With ICS, you’d only need to ideally work from 20 minutes to an hour a day to watch your account fill up with $50 to $500 payments on a weekly basis.

So why are we even talking about this? Why don’t we all join Instant Cash Solution and start the money-making already? It sounds pretty good to me!

Well, perhaps too good. Maybe even too good to be true.

But let’s give ICS a fair chance.

So, How Does Instant Cash Solution Work?

ICS has no tangible products to sell. Your job is to recruit as many people as you can to join the same system, and you’ll benefit from whichever membership package the person you’ve enticed to join chooses.

Yes, you read that right. In order for you to start making money from ICS, you need a small investment of at least $100. $129, to be exact, as there is an admin fee of $29.

To cut things short, this is how ICS works:

  1. Choose a membership package of $100, $200 or $300 from their website. Each package comes with different ‘benefits’.
  2. Copy and Paste their pre-generated ads on social media.
  3. Get paid when people join ICS through your affiliate link.

Instant Cash Solution Membership Packages

There are 4 membership packages you can choose from:

Bronze for $100 plus $29 admission fee

In this package, you get the main course which gives you training on classified ads, display ads, capture pages, landing pages, and autoresponders.

You have 24/7 access to you back office

Silver for $200 plus $29 admission fee

You get everything from the bronze package and now you get additional training on SMS marketing and domain name selection.

Gold for $300 plus $29 admission fee

You get everything from the bronze and silver package with some new training and perks. They are facebook image ads, an ebook library, email marketing training and a ‘free vacation’.

Platinum for $500 plus $29 admission fee

You get everything mentioned before plus ICS banner ads, social media marketing lessons, webinar sales lessons, and personal development lessons.

The difference between these packages is the commission you can get per new member.

The higher your membership level, the higher the commission. Sneaky. The fact that you’re limited by the package you choose to join (purchase) already sounds like a red flag.

Copy and Paste Ads: Is There a Trick to Getting More Clicks?

The only method to get more clicks (and subsequently real people purchasing ICS memberships), other than the generic “Get Rich Fast! Click Here…” title is to basically spam ads all over the internet.

The ICS website claims that they have zero tolerance for spam sent out by any of the sites they host. However, the more ads you post online, the more people you might attract. This is common knowledge. The only problem is, as you’re not selling an actual product, your target audience is difficult to find.

I’m not saying there’s a zero chance for you to make money this way. But it’s now starting to be obvious that Instant Cash Solutions isn’t as instant as they advertise, and the ‘No selling, Telling, or Explaining’ as their website suggests won’t work if you need a consistent flow of cash.

Instant Cash Solution Commissions

One of the good things about ICS is their commissions. Despite it being ‘pay to play’, you can still get up to 100% commission value depending on the membership package that you choose.

ICS uses the cash gifting scheme, which is considered to be a pyramid scheme. Cash gifting programs often hide the fact that they’re pyramid schemes by throwing in extra services and elements in the packages they advertise, which looks to be what ICS is doing.

They offer ‘educational’ videos, E-Books, Facebook and Craigslist Marketing Training in the package you purchase. But, to me, it seems that they’re trying too hard to make it seem like a legitimate business to entice you and those who join their system.

Because, in hindsight, even if you don’t get your $300 back, you still take advantage of their Online Marketing Training Videos(which again, is also advertised on the site).

But Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

Here’s the thing: Instant Cash Solution’s not a scam. You do get the commissions they promise as long as you were able to ‘sell the product’.

But ICS is an expensive method to start earning money, and $129 dollars to start isn’t a small amount by any means. You might even need to pay for advertising space on Facebook or Craigslist, and we all know those don’t come cheap.

Most of us who want ‘instant money’ want just that – why would we invest in something that wouldn’t return our money back 100%?

I would perhaps consider if they give their members a trial period. One week of guaranteed pay. But as per ICS terms and conditions, and I quote, “THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS IN THIS PROGRAM.”

Additionally, despite it not being a scam, the website doesn’t give you any information about the owner of the website. A quick google search of Rich Meyer, ICS’s owner, only gives you information about a famous bassist and nothing about Mr. Meyer who apparently found this incredible money-making program.


Now let’s start talking pros and cons, including some red flags as to why ICS may not be the best option to make money online.


  • Unlike many other instant money making websites, Instant Cash Solution isn’t a scam
  • Instructions are easy to follow, and posting ads online takes no time at all


  • You need to have disposable income to start earning money with the method provided
  • There’s no ‘About’ nor ‘Contact’ section on their website and no way to contact them
  • No refunds
  • Your success isn’t guaranteed
  • No products to sell
  • You can only make money if those you’ve recruited are interested enough to join the program
  • The Copy and Paste method is looked down upon on social media, and there’s a high chance that you’d be blocked or banned entirely from your page if you overdo it

Final Verdict

You know the deal if you read any other of my articles. Ultimately, the final financial decision is in your hands. My job no… my commitment to you is to provide you all the facts to help you make the informed decision.

Would I buy it?

That’s a good question, I wouldn’t recommend Instant Cash Solution as a viable method to get rich quickly. There’s no shortcut to success, unfortunately, but there are hundreds of legitimate ways to make money online without having to invest in anything first.

You might get a few sales in the first few weeks of being a member. You might get a thousand dollars in a couple of days.

However, with the ever-evolving media and social networking platform, ICS’s not a long term way to make money. True success doesn’t depend on happenstance or luck. It doesn’t depend on clicks. It depends on work ethic and consistency.

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