Cash For Patriots Program | 7 Red Flags Exposed

Congrats on taking the time to do your research. Here is my review on Cash For Patriots Program.

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You are trying to find out if Cash For Patriots Program is a scam.  The word scam gets thrown around loosely nowadays about anything. But there are some red flags that I am going to point out that I am compelled to make you aware of.

So let’s get to it…  here are the red flags about Cash For Patriots Program.

Cash For Patriots Program Review

Red Flag # 1 -Sketchy Video

We have been here before with Freedom checks. When they tease a launch of a newsletter publication with a video sales letter, you better hide your wallet. Wondering what Freedom checks is?  I exposed 7 red flags about it here.

Right out the gate, the video rings you in:

“American Patriots, Get Your Share of…

“Trump’s $2.6 Trillion ‘Cash for Patriots Program’

“Everyday patriots are collecting checks of up to $7,980, thanks to this ‘program.’ If you act before August 3, you could be next.”

It sounds pretty intriguing so of course, you want to find out more.

But it’s a red flag because he’s claiming that by simply being an ‘Everday Patriot’ you will be rewarded handsomely.

Who doesn’t love free and easy money?

Red Flag #2 – Getting access to this program

So we already know you are a Patriot. Are you missing anything else?

According to Zach you are pretty much set:

“Unlike Social Security or government programs…

“There are absolutely no special requirements to begin collecting cash.

“No age requirement (you could be 27 or 77 years old)…

“No income requirement (you could be unemployed or be a multimillionaire

“And you don’t even need to be a Trump supporter. (Democrats, Republicans, and independents can collect $1,000s.)

“That’s because the ‘Cash for Patriots program’ is funded by the private sector.”

Well, then that pretty much covers a majority of the country. So then exactly how much that for each American?

“That’s the equivalent of $27,718… on average… for every American taxpayer.”

“If everything goes according to plan, that money will soon be flowing into the pockets of patriots across America.”

Remember folks when it sounds too good to be true… it usually is too good to be true.

Red flag # 3 The 2.6 trillion from the private sector for Americans

So the 2.6 trillion from the private sector… what is it and where is it.

According to Zach, the program was first mentioned in the Trump campaign’s tax reform plan published on September 28, 2015.

In the plan, the key to ‘cash for the Patriots program’ is “overseas cash” stranded by US corporations.

The corporations would be provided a type of tax benefit that would allow them to bring that cash home.

So naturally, if they do… they would be more inclined to use the cash or distribute in the US via stock dividends or even use it to buy other US corporations.

‘Lightbulb moment’ which I will get to in the next red flag.

But just in case you wondering why would these corporations strand their cash outside of the US.

In a nutshell:

US corporations in business all over the world, are taxed on the income that they bring back home.

So they would be taxed on the profits they have made overseas. Which is really a pain in the ass for the large corporations. The US is literally one of the few countries in the world that taxes earnings you make outside of its borders.

So because of this. These corporations rather keep their money stashed in foreign entities. So they can avoid paying taxes on it.

But ultimately there is no mention of direct payments to Americans. Or enrollments into any program.

Red flag #4 – Non-existent press release

Zach’s pitch goes on to claim that the ‘Cash for Patriots program’ was also formally announced in a press release published on September 29, 2016, by Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation.

Uhm about that… yea it doesn’t exist. I searched the archives on and there was no press release date for Sept. 29,2016. The ones before and after that date don’t mention this ‘federal program’ either.

Red Flag # 5 – Lifetime Income Report

Zach is trying to cash in on the theory of these US corporations willing to give you bigger dividends… yea I said dividends, not free checks for being a patriot. In other words, you actually have to own the stocks of these major companies.

So sound the alarm because this is when he pitches you. He offers an enticing package. Consisting of 7 offerings.

Four e-books, a yearlong subscription to his monthly newsletter Lifetime Income Report, supplemental email alerts, and a direct line Agora Financial’s support team.

The four e-books are titled “The Cash for Patriots Program,” “The Secret Transaction that Could Generate Hundreds in Instant Income,” “The Big Book of Income,” and “The Government Loophole That Eliminates Mortgage Payments.”

However, the Lifetime Income Report is the cash cow here. After your 12 months are up you are automatically enrolled into a recurring subscription.

The investment newsletter is all about investing in US corporations with the biggest dividend payouts.

So Zach is speculating on which US corporation might be raising their dividend payouts.

What is a dividend payout?

It is a stock that makes a quarterly or annual payment to its shareholders.  Typically, the better the company is doing the higher the dividend to award their shareholders.

Red Flag # 6 – Agora Financial

We have touched on Agora Financial before.  They are an independent financial advisory company which also owns Banyan Hill Publishing.  They provide many financial newsletter publications on a subscription basis.

The issue stems from the quality of these publications ranging from extremely poor to excellent.  But what really grinds my gear is theirs over the top advertising they publish for their services.  Time and time again they are very misleading.

Taking a look at their page on Better Business Bureau you hit with the big red warning sign.  Then we see 2 things…

  1. They aren’t accredited by the BBB which is a big red flag.
  2. Almost 300 complaints with a rating of 1.5 stars… ouch

Red Flag #7 – “Testimonials”

So it can’t be a sales video without some testimonials. Zach rattles quite a few through the video. “Patriots” receiving monthly paychecks ranging from as low as $1,710 up to $11,365. Including some outrageous claims:

Here is another one:

So you get the point where we see peoples names and the claimed amount.  But we see no proof.  And of course, I tried researching the validity of these claims and couldn’t find anything with substance.

But looking at the history of Lifetime Income Report and Agora Financial  I am really skeptical these are true.

Red Flag Bonus – Is it really for Everyday Patriots?

So it’s one thing to own the stocks that give out dividends but let’s look into one of the claims in the presentation.

For example, Bob S. claimed he made $6,010 with this program.  So let’s be really conservative here and say that’s what he received as an annual payment or if it was quarterly payments we would be talking about $1,502 per quarter.

Typically, dividend payouts range between 2%-6% of the amount of money you used to invest in the shares of a corporation.  For our example, let’s use 4%(right in the middle).

So Bob S. made $6,010 off a stock he has shares of with a 4% dividend payout.  Doing the math ($6,010/.04) Bob S. original investment is $150,250!

How many ‘everyday American patriots’ you know have $150,250 laying around to invest in stock…


The Final Verdict

The process of possibly receiving this cash is true via purchasing stock and receiving dividends payouts. However, making it sound that money owed to you because you a patriot is absurd.

As I always say you ultimately make your own financial decisions.

I am just someone trying to provide you with all the facts so you can make the informed decision.

What would I do?

I would keep it moving.


18 thoughts on “Cash For Patriots Program | 7 Red Flags Exposed”

  1. I’m retired and collecting Social Security but not getting what I should for my injuries I would like to collect some extra cash for my retirement

  2. I believe myself to be a naive in most issue due to the fact that i trust to much. But why would our president Trump lie about this or even scam on the american people { patriot } for the revenue. Possible. And how is this Zach Schaidt promoter of cash for Patriots involved his gain is cash with out doubt. Is he government supported. And why must he charge for this information Which the government should be promoting by mail is no doubt reach every patriot who does not have a laptop. Which led to why ? why? & why? why can ‘t we help each other for after all we are all american patriots struggling some more so.

    • Hi Pedro,
      I understand your concern. The President is not lying or being deceptive.

      The cash reserves these companies have offshore is real. However, allowing them to bring this cash to the US doesn’t guarantee this money will reach your even their own shareholder’s hands.

      But what Zach is banking on is they will. Since they will have extra cash on hand. They, in theory, would award their shareholders with some of it.

      But even if they do… the main issue is YOU HAVE TO OWN THE STOCK of one of these companies to even have a chance to get it.

  3. Nothing in this world is free. Even if you go to church they expect you to put your part in the kitty. Most believes 10% I’ve everything you make go to the church. The only thing that I that sounds it is free is when I pull into gas stations and I walk around the islands were they come gas, I’m going up around the front of the building what people Park and going to get sodas chicken strips or whatever I can usually pick up 50 cent to $1.50 that is just laying on the ground. What sound as much as 20 $30 somebody which took their money in their pocket and I missed didn’t know that fell on the ground.
    Free is something that has not existed for a long time you pay for everything now sometimes you pay twice the same thing. You looking for a way to make extra money. Looking for a way retirement easier and a little more enjoyable find a job service industry you don’t have to work hard at all answer phone monitor a doorway lots of jobs out there you’re all you have to do is be there and somebody will pay you. Well I’ve got to go cuz I’m getting ready for a boat trip I wanted to go to ask to Vietnam so I signed on part of the crew have a vessel it’s going to be at now coming to get paid to go there get off the boat spend as much time as I want Vietnam maybe never come home but at least I’ll be happy I’m doing what I want

  4. I was in “marketing” for several years and numerous businesses. I worked from home on these and tried everything I could and ended up losing thousands of dollars. I have yet to find any of these types of businesses that aren’t a scam. If you get in on top by some chance you might make some money, but anywhere else forget it. Pyramids that’s all they are. It’s funny how you can never actually talk to someone who ever made even enough money to make up for what money you put into it. Unless this Cash for Patriots has something that none other than all these other “marketing” businesses have then I wouldn’t even bother to read it. Sad that people want so badly to find a way to supplement their income or social security and all they do is get scammed and lose money. What happened to honesty in this world? What happened to wanting to help other people that desperately need help just to live? It is a sad world we live in. The one and only thing we have that we can count on is our Heavenly Father, for now and eternity.

  5. I just want to thank you, Willie, for giving us these “red flags” to Zach’s unrealistic article, or video. If you see that you can receive $1000’s for free from the American government, it just has to false. Money is not “free”. You must work for it somehow. Even on Social Security Disabilty, your monthly pay has to do with how much you’ve made through your working years, ON THE BOOKS! You had to have paid your taxes on any jobs you claim and are proven. I was naive enough to read through a lot of the very long, repetitive article by Zach. Finally, I got bored and went to the very end of the article and found out that you have to pay to get his books and be able to sign up for this “Cash for Patriots” scheme. If it costs money to get “free” money, there is a problem!

  6. Thanks you so very much for clearing up the confusion on this Cash For Patriots Program.
    I wish to read more of your lines.

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